Woodhill Gin – Cask Aged Gin

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Woodhill Cask Aged Gin is just stored on Fino Sherry barrel, or rather on two barrels! Woodhill Aged is keept in barrels for almost four months, which gives us a fantastic fragrance and elegance, which we have not experienced before. The scent is inviting sweetness with shades of oak barrel, figs and walnut mixed with the unmistakable juniper. The taste, on the other hand, has sweetness and acidity that lasts a long time. When the Woodhill Cask Aged Gin is drained from the oldest barrel, it is replaced with gin from the youngest barrel. Then the youngest barrel is filled up with new gin, which matures and gains taste until it is also moved over. Nothing less than two months in every barrel! NOTE! Woodhill Cask Aged Gin will for natural causes be made in very small batches.

50 cl
Alcohol: 40,2%


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